Join Katie in her Two Aprons Cookery kitchen in Lexington, Massachusetts for small group cooking classes that are fun, entertaining and informative. All levels of experience are welcome. Recipes are well-tested and the goal is for you to leave with the confidence to try these recipes at home. Hands-on participation is encouraged, though not required. You’ll not only learn how to prepare the recipes but gain equipment recommendations, shopping tips, make-ahead suggestions and kitchen hacks – even the most seasoned home chefs will learn something new. After about 2 ½ hours of instruction we’ll gather around Katie’s dining table to eat (and discuss!) all the dishes we’ve created.  Looking for a private class, whether in-person or virtual?  Check out my private event offerings.

Knife Skills

Thursday, Sept 14, 6-9pm; Tuesday, Oct 24, 6-9pm

Having good knife skills isn’t just about a prettier presentation, it’s also about being more efficient and saving time. In this class we’ll cover types of knives, sharpening, cutting techniques and even how to avoid crying while chopping an onion. We’ll be making recipes that showcase a variety of cutting techniques. So whether it’s slicing or dicing, you’re sure to leave this class with valuable skills to practice in your own kitchen.  Note: Attendees are encouraged to bring a knife from home, ideally a large chef’s knife with a 7-8″ blade.


Vegetarian Mains

Tuesday, Oct 10, 6-9pm; Thursday, Oct 12, 6-9pm

Full-on vegetarian, lifelong meat-eater or something in-between….this class will get everyone excited to cook vegetarian. Recipes are all hearty enough to work as main courses for dinner and feature a variety of vegetables, legumes and beans. We’ll be making Bulgur with Mushrooms, Feta & Dill; Butternut Squash & Spinach Pasta Bake; Chickpea, Coconut & Turmeric Stew; and finally Sweet Potato, Mushroom and Black Bean Burrito.


Homemade Ravioli + More Italian Favorites

Tuesday, Nov 28, 6-9pm; Wednesday, Dec 13, 6-9pm

Learn to make ravioli from scratch and more Italian favorites for a delicious Italian feast. For a starter we’ll do my take on Tomato Bruschetta, main course is Spinach & Cheese Ravioli, on the side we’ll do Roasted Broccoli with Gremolata (a vibrant condiment of lemon, parsley and garlic) and end on a sweet note with Tiramisu.  The homemade pasta is definitely the highlight!  It’s so fun learning how to make the dough, rolling it out, then filling it with the spinach and cheese mixture.  Hope to see you for this class in the Two Aprons cucina:).


Charcuterie Board Workshop

Tuesday, Dec 12, 6-8pm

A beautiful charcuterie board is an impressive way to kick off a dinner party, present appetizers at a cocktail party or just stand-in as a fun evening meal. We’ll cover what types of foods to combine to create the perfect platter – cheeses, meats, dips and snacks – and how to gorgeously present them. Participants will create their own charcuterie board to bring home. Unlike most of my classes, this will be 2 hours rather than 3 as we won’t be sitting down to eat a meal.  Note:  Attendees should bring a serving platter, ideally sized around 12″x18″, but it can be a bit larger or smaller.