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Coconut Almond Chia Seed Yogurt with Mango – Two Aprons Cookery

Coconut Almond Chia Seed Yogurt with Mango


How is it that chia seeds, something I’d only heard of via infomercials of my youth (ch-ch-ch-chia), become one of the latest health food crazes?  I still remember as a kid watching the Chia Pet commercials and so wanting one for Christmas……


I’d have to wait 30+ years until finally meeting the chia.  But rather than being in the form of a terracotta animal slathered with seeds that sprouted into a bushy green coat, I found chia seeds on a shelf in my local market’s health food aisle.


And healthy those little seeds are.  They’re high in fiber, antioxidants, omega-3s, and minerals such as calcium and magnesium.  For the past year I’ve been religiously adding them to my daily NutriBullet smoothies.  Didn’t think to do anything more with them, that is, until a recent breakfast at Granger & Co.


Granger & Co, in central London, has seriously amazing breakfasts – I could have had one of everything on the menu.  But their Coconut Almond Chia Seed Yogurt with Mango was a stand-out.  And to think I had those same little chia seeds sitting in my pantry.  Thus started my quest to replicate this dish at home.


Often when I use chia seeds in smoothies I notice if it sits for a while that the juice thickens.  Which I don’t particularly like.  However it’s that same gelatinous property which makes it an amazing addition to yogurt.  Soak it overnight or for a few hours in coconut yogurt and almond milk and it transforms into a tapioca-like consistency.  Top with fresh mango and you’ve got a super healthy, just-one-more-spoonful breakfast on your hands.

So forget the chia pet.  Chia yogurt (or chia pudding as some call it) is where it’s at.


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Coconut Almond Chia Seed Yogurt with Mango (serves 4)

Note:  If you don’t fancy mango, serve with berries, grated apple/pear or any other fruit that you fancy.  Can also top with granola or nuts.

1 cup (225 ml) almond milk

1 cup (225 ml) coconut yogurt

3 heaping tablespoons chia seeds

1 mango, cut into pieces

Honey, optional

In a medium-sized bowl stir together the almond milk, yogurt and chia seeds.  Cover and refrigerate overnight or for at least four hours.  Divide the pudding between four bowls and top with mango.  If you want it a bit sweeter, drizzle with honey.  Lasts in the refrigerator up to 4 days.

Adapted from Granger & Co and Giada De Laurentiis

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